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Score: 3.64
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Born & Raised in Byron Bay.
Brewed and Bottled in the Northern Rivers
Pacific Ale
Style: Pale Ale - Australian
ABV: 4.4%
IBUs: 30
# Ratings: 23,057
Score: 3.69
Inspired by our home on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and brewed using all Australian barley, wheat and Galaxy hops, Pacific Ale is cloudy and golden with a big fruity aroma and a refreshing finish. After being dry hopped at the end of fermentation, our Pacific Ale is then drawn straight from the storage tank at the brewery into kegs and bottles.
Cloud Catcher
Style: Pale Ale - Australian
ABV: 5.0%
IBUs: 38
# Ratings: 6,140
Score: 3.68
This refreshing Australian Pale Ale, hopped with Galaxy, Ella and Enigma has tropical stone fruit aromas and flavours. With a medium bodied mouthfeel from the blend of pale and crystal malts, it finishes crisp, with a firm bitterness.
2019 Stone Beer Vintage Release
Style: Porter - Other
ABV: 7.2%
# Ratings: 30
Score: 4.02
Each year under the night sky, we honour the ancient technique of our brewing ancestors with the ritual of adding wood fired stones to our kettle. Brewed for when the days are short and the nights are cold, our 2019 Stone Beer is a decadently dark porter. With aromas and flavours of roast barley, hints of coffee and dark chocolate, this winter release finishes with a firm bitterness from the kettle hops and black malts.
2019 Barrel Aged Stone Beer (2018 brew)
Style: Porter - Other
ABV: 8.8%
# Ratings: 14
Score: 4.52
Last year, we squirreled some of the 2018 Stone Beer into a handful of port and 2nd use whiskey barrels to age. After 12 months of soaking up the woody goodness, we’ve put the beer into 500ml stone crocks and some kegs. Dark and robust, barrel ageing this full bodied beer has added smooth and velvety chocolate and vanilla notes to the roasted caramel aroma and cocoa flavour. Let this special limited release warm you up sooner rather than later!
Stone Beer 2018 Vintage Release
Style: Porter - Other
ABV: 7.5%
# Ratings: 1
Score: 3.75
Each year under the night sky, we honour the ancient technique of our brewing ancestors with the ritual of adding wood fired stones to our kettle to caramelise the brew. Brewed for when the days are short and the nights are cold, our 2018 Stone Beer is a decadently dark porter. With aromas and flavours of roast barley, hints of coffee and dark chocolate, this winter release finishes with a firm bitterness from the kettle hops and black malts.
Green Coast
Style: Kellerbier / Zwickelbier
ABV: 4.7%
IBUs: 18
# Ratings: 4,810
Score: 3.34
Influenced by the surrounding green hills that roll down to meet the Pacific Ocean, Green Coast is brewed with a blend of the finest malts and left unfiltered to create a beer that has a light amber colour with a natural yeast cloud, and a flavour that strikes a fine balance between its subtle hop aroma and full malt palate, finishing soft and clean.
Garden Ale
Style: Pale Ale - Australian
ABV: 3.5%
IBUs: 25
# Ratings: 4,133
Score: 3.40
Brewed with a blend of pale and crystal malts, and both kettle and dry hopped with Ella, a new world hop variety from the Australian hop garden. Our sessionable Garden Ale has a floral citrus fruit aroma that's balanced with a clean malt character and an easy bitter finish. At 3.5% our truly sessionable Garden Ale is brewed for lazy days spent in the backyard of your favourite beer garden...
Counter Culture #1 - Killer Kween
Style: Sour - Berliner Weisse
ABV: 7.6%
# Ratings: 1,094
Score: 3.89
All hail the Killer Kween... A contemporary take on a traditional Berliner Weisse, our Killer Kween is anything but subtle. Unapologetically strong and dripping with raspberry aromas and flavours from a secondary lactobacillus fermentation and maturation, this Imperial version balances assertive acidity with a refreshing finish. Bursting through the brewery gates, Killer Kween is the first limited release from Counter Culture - beers that go against the grain.
Jasper Ale
Style: Red Ale - Other
ABV: 5.4%
IBUs: 15
# Ratings: 956
Score: 3.60
The unique brews from Beers From Our Backyard celebrate the landmarks of the Northern Rivers, so it only made sense for Jasper Ale to join the range. Inspired by the one street town called Federal, that is perched up in the hills, the land around this area of our backyard (once known as Jasper) is rich in volcanic soil that in some parts are the colour of the label and the beer. The tropical fruit aromas of our Northern Rivers backyard come from the generous additions of Galaxy, Enigma and Mosaic hops. These are balanced with a smooth and velvety mouthfeel from the selection of roasted malts that give hints of caramel, toffee and hazelnut, finishing with a firm bitterness. Malts: Carared, Caramunich 2, Munich and Carafa Hops: Galaxy, Enigma and Mosaic
Counter Culture #2 - Sticky Nectar
Style: IPA - Milkshake
ABV: 6.5%
IBUs: 45
# Ratings: 800
Score: 4.05
LET YOUR MIND WARP AND BE TRANSPORTED BACK TO A LONG-GONE LANGUID SUMMER DAY, ILLUMINATED IN GOLDEN POSSIBILITY... Drop out and dissolve into a hazy IPA, brewed with lactose, vanilla and dripping with mango puree. With heady tropical fruit aromas from the Galaxy, Citra and Amarillo hops, this shape shifter has a smooth and creamy mouthfeel and a firm bitterness that might make you see the world a little different… if only for a moment. Altered from reality, Sticky Nectar is the second limited release from Counter Culture – beers that go against the grain.
The Prequel
Style: Pale Ale - New England
ABV: 6.6%
IBUs: 45
# Ratings: 583
Score: 3.88
“Pacific Ale I am your father” Introducing The Prequel.. The Prequel is an ultra-dry-hopped Australian style ale that pours hazy gold and full strength. The copious additions of Galaxy hops offer powerful aromas of passionfruit, pineapple, mango and citrus. Its bold hop character is refreshingly balanced by a low bitterness, finishing dry and crisp.
Style: Stout - Imperial / Double
ABV: 10.0%
IBUs: 65
# Ratings: 502
Score: 3.99
To commemorate ‘10 Years of Beers’ for Stone & Wood we wanted to brew something special to mark the occasion. SWX is a decadent 10% imperial stout, which was barrel aged for 10 months. SWX pours jet black with a chocolate head and features incredible depth of malt flavours and aromas of espresso, cocoa and dark fruits. The stout was matured in seasoned fortified wine barrels, which enhance the smooth, rich, flavours and aroma of oak while providing hints of cherries and chocolate. SWX is assertive and refined with a warming palate that is full-bodied but balanced by a firm bitterness. A spectacularly big, complex and delightful brew that celebrates our journey so far and the adventures yet to come.
The Gatherer (2019) - Watermelon, Cucumber & Mint
Style: Wheat Beer - Other
ABV: 4.6%
IBUs: 20
# Ratings: 89
Score: 3.68
After a hiatus, The Gatherer is back to satiate our thirst, after a long hot summer at the brewery. Our American Wheat Ale pours hazy, hopped with Galaxy and complemented with dried mint, watermelon and cucumber puree, this is a balanced ale bursting with flavour. Fresh from the tank, drop in for a taste and look out for updates throughout the year…and yes, only available at our brewery in Byron.
Pilot Batch - Haus PILS
Style: Pilsner - German
ABV: 5.0%
# Ratings: 40
Score: 3.58
Our Pils presents with a light golden appearance, a subtle biscuity pils malt backbone and finishes with satisfying floral and herbal nobel hop notes. A much loved beer style from the Stone & Wood brew team.
Imperial Berliner Weisse With Raspberries
Style: Sour - Berliner Weisse
ABV: 7.1%
# Ratings: 32
Score: 3.90
Pilot Batch - Schwarzbier (2019)
Style: Schwarzbier
ABV: 4.8%
# Ratings: 31
Score: 3.71
We brew our Schwarzbier every year at the same time, It’s a brewery favourite on the schedule. Dark in appearance, our Schwarzbier pours with a thick head with subtle chocolate biscuit aromas. Despite its appearance, the chocolate and coffee flavours from the roasted malt backbone are balanced by lager yeast fermentation, resulting in a clean and dry finish. Enjoy in the tasting room for a limited time only!
Pilot Batch - French Toast Stout
Style: Stout - Other
ABV: 7.8%
# Ratings: 30
Score: 3.79
A decadent beer for all of you dessert lovers...Our French Toast Stout pours a thick dark brown with an honest caramel head. A rich and toasty malt backbone is balanced by cinnamon, vanilla, lactose and maple syrup. Enjoy!
Pilot Batch - Hydration Ale
Style: Other
ABV: 2.7%
# Ratings: 26
Score: 3.63
After an active day in the bay doing a lighthouse run, yoga or surfing, there’s no better liquid to restore your body than our Hydration Ale! Hydration Ale looks and tastes like a well-known orange sports drink thanks to additions of orange peel, citrus hops and organic carrot powder. We also introduced essential minerals and brewed the beer to be low in ABV, resulting in a supremely quenching afternoon sipper!
Pilot Batch - Fruit Salad Berliner Weisse
Style: Sour - Berliner Weisse
ABV: 4.4%
# Ratings: 26
Score: 3.64
Fresh ripe watermelon marrying perfectly with Raspberry tartness to create an intense aroma and amazing flavour in this colourful twist on a Berliner Weisse. Our latest pilot batch using traditional souring methods creates a light body and refreshing tartness, the Fruit Salad Berliner Weisse has a thirst quenching finish thanks to a medium carbonation and low ABV. Available for a limited time only in the tasting room!
Pilot Batch - Porter Haus
Style: Porter - Other
ABV: 8.0%
# Ratings: 21
Score: 3.68
We've brewed a decadently dark porter. With aromas and flavours of roast barley, hints of coffee and dark chocolate, this is a trial brew for the upcoming winter season. Finishing with a firm bitterness from the kettle hops and black malts.
Pilot Batch - Return of the Mac
Style: Brown Ale - Other
ABV: 5.2%
# Ratings: 19
Score: 3.83
A smooth and delicious brown ale with rich nutty flavours from the locally harvested bunya and macadamia nuts as well as wattle seeds. Our vibrant brown ale is bright and pours with a fluffy white head. Our brew team draw comparisons to a nut Liqueur and this brew. Enjoy in the tasting room for a limited time only!
Slumdog Milk Choc Stout
Style: Stout - Milk / Sweet
ABV: 6.5%
IBUs: 20
# Ratings: 17
Score: 4.03
Melbourne’s Great Northern Hotel hops from bines in his beer garden, for this dark and delectable brew. Dark and caramel malts create a sweet aroma, with the addition of cocoa nibs and vanilla rousing flavours of roast dark chocolate. At a warming 6.5%ABV this a perfect brew for those colder Autumn nights.
Pilot Batch - Sams Hoppy Ale (2019)
Style: Saison / Farmhouse Ale
ABV: 6.7%
# Ratings: 14
Score: 3.68
This clean and refreshing Belgian Saison is easy drinking, hoppy and refreshing thanks to subtle additions of orange peel and generous double dry-hopping. Finishing at 6.7% Alc/Vol, this pilot brew is incredibly drinkable for the ABV.
Mick's Devilish Blonde
Style: Belgian Strong Golden Ale
ABV: 8.6%
# Ratings: 8
Score: 0.00
A delectable Belgian strong ale that pours golden with a slight yeast haze. Aromas of fruit & spice from the traditional Belgian yeast. With a boozy warmth and high carbonation, Mick's Devilish Blonde is perfectly rounded and sure to delight!
Pilot Batch - Mid-Week Sesh
Style: Pale Ale - Australian
ABV: 3.5%
# Ratings: 8
Score: 0.00
Our latest pilot batch mid strength is a lesson in balance. Our mid pours hazy and light gold with a delicate pale and a sweet biscuit malt backbone. Balanced with hop additions of Enigma, VIC Secret and a special trial hop to give a beautiful floral aroma and a gentile bitterness that keeps you coming back for more. Mid-Week Sesh is Incredibly drinkable and good for a few at 3.5% ABV. Available for a limited time in the tasting room only.
Swamp Beer - Session Ale (2019)
Style: Other
ABV: 4.2%
# Ratings: 5
Score: 0.00
Brewed to celebrate the third annual Open Day of our Stone & Wood Brewery in Murwillumbah, this year’s version of ‘Murbah Swamp Beer’ is a session ale. Commemorating one historic day when a truck carrying 40,000 bottles of beer ran off the road and crashed into a river along Tweed Valley Way, this beer is a tribute to this legendary local event! It is well known that as the word spread across town, the locals of Murbah took the ‘clean up’ into their own hands with a mission to rescue every last beer that entered their river! Our porch pounding session ale pours hazy and golden thanks to a pale and wheat malt backbone, it has a floral aroma and a subtle stone fruit flavour thanks hop additions of Ella and Enigma. For a limited time only!