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Tienda de cervezas artesanales y tradicionales. 7 grifos de cerveza rotativos, más de 300 referencias en tienda, má de 80 referencias en botella para bebe
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Patrons Project 17.02 // Tropical IPA // Ethel // Stigbergets // Garage // Insa
Brewery: Northern Monk (England)
Style: IPA - Milkshake
ABV: 7.0%
IBUs: 15
# Ratings: 1,696
Score: 4.12
Ethel. A tribute to INSA’s partner. They fell in love whilst hopping train lines, travelled the world painting graffiti together, and now have three children. We brewed the second beer in INSA’s 15th anniversary Patrons Project with our friends from Stigbergets Bryggeri and Garage Beer Co whilst they were over for Hop City. This tropical milkshake IPA contains 250g of pureed papaya, mango and passion fruit per litre, backed up with a heavy dry hop of El Dorado, Cashmere, Simcoe and Mosaic. It didn’t take us long to decide on brewing something tropical and smashable, however deciding which fruits took a bit longer! Finally we settled on mango, passion fruit and a new one for us, papaya, a soft flesh fruit not dissimilar to mango but contributing a sharper, spicier flavour to the mix. The base beer is made up solely of barley malt and a large percentage of oats to which we added milk sugar and some dank whirlpool hops in the shape of Columbus before fermenting with our house IPA strain. After fermenting out the residual sugar in the fruit, we dry hopped with El Dorado, Cashmere, Simcoe and Mosaic Cryo to compliment the fruit as well as additional spice, pine and citrus flavour to the mix.
Raw Tzatziki
Brewery: Nómada Brewing Co. (Spain)
Style: Lager - IPL (India Pale Lager)
ABV: 3.2%
# Ratings: 1
Score: 3.25
All the Time, Everywhere
Brewery: FUERST WIACEK (Germany)
Style: IPA - Session / India Session Ale
ABV: 4.6%
# Ratings: 1
Score: 3.75
Runnin’ For Mayor
Brewery: Garage Beer Co. (Spain)
Style: Sour - Berliner Weisse
ABV: 6.0%
# Ratings: 1
Score: 4.00
Brewery: MALANDAR Craft Beer (Spain)
Style: IPA - New England
ABV: 7.5%
# Ratings: 1
Score: 4.00
Cream Stout
Brewery: St. Peter’s Brewery Co. (England)
Style: Stout - Milk / Sweet
ABV: 6.5%
# Ratings: 1
Score: 3.50
Chronic Haze
Brewery: La Grúa (Spain)
Style: IPA - New England
ABV: 6.1%
# Ratings: 1
Score: 3.75
Brewery: Caleya (Spain)
Style: IPA - International
ABV: 6.0%
# Ratings: 1
Score: 2.50
North Wave
Brewery: Boga Garagardoa (Spain)
Style: IPA - Brut
ABV: 6.0%
# Ratings: 1
Score: 4.00
Brewery: LERVIG (Norway)
Style: Stout - Imperial Milk / Sweet
ABV: 16.0%
# Ratings: 1
Score: 4.00
Paranoia Haze
Brewery: La Grúa (Spain)
Style: IPA - New England
ABV: 6.8%
# Ratings: 1
Score: 3.75
Patrons Project 13.04 // TankPetrol // Omega Vortex // Other Half // Equilibrium // Double IPA
Brewery: Northern Monk (England)
Style: IPA - Imperial / Double New England
ABV: 8.7%
IBUs: 23
# Ratings: 2,810
Score: 4.32
Carrying on where last year’s DDH IPA Infinity Vortex took off, we stepped up to DIPA territory increasing the hops in the process. Brewed with a soft, rounded water profile and a simple base grist of extra pale malted barley with plenty of flaked oats, we put together a beer which was not only packed with everyone’s favourite juicy hop flavours but one which was also backed up with plenty of dank, resinous pine. In the whirlpool we used Simcoe, a hop still considered the industry standard in dankness. We then dry-hopped in three stages, including a generous mid-fermentation first addition, using Citra BBC and Mosaic for maximum tropical notes and modern classic in Chinook, guaranteed to bring plenty of grapefruit, spice and pine to the mix.
Brewery: La Calavera (Spain)
Style: Sour - Ale
ABV: 7.5%
# Ratings: 42
Score: 3.83