7 Alternative Beers for Craft Beer Newbies
Whether your go-to beer is a cold Bud Light or a fizzy Corona with a lime, there is something to be said about the classics… Of course, everyone loves a good, original beer at some point or another. But if you still haven’t joined the craft beer fan club, you are truly missing out. Craft beer can be an intimidating world to break into – with all the fancy, unknown styles & names, and the world of micro brewing. But the flavor that is packed into these little slices of heaven is almost unmatched. Don’t let the occasional beer snob turn you off – once you have a craft beer, you will fall right into the trap of the craft beer fan club. That being said, it is a big world of craft beer flavors out there and grabbing the wrong one might change the way you look at your experience. So, with that in mind, here are 7 alternative craft beer flavors that every original beer lover will jump on board with!

1. Narragansett Lager (instead of Budweiser)

Naragansett Lager

Plenty of beer lovers are guilty of just sticking to what they know… And, for quite a few, what they know is Budweiser. But, when you are ready to venture out from the special treat of your college days and splurge a little on some better beer, check out Narragansett Lager from Narragansett Brewing Company in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. These guys just revamped their recipe so they could officially join the craft beer club, and by the looks of it, they aren’t going back!

2. Allagash White (instead of Blue Moon or Shock Top)

Allagash White

Don’t get me wrong, I love a great Blue Moon as much as the next person. And the little acid from a fresh orange slice thrown in it makes it pair well with just about anything… But, this Allagash White from Allagash Brewing Company in Portland, Maine won’t leave you running to the nearest store for a Blue Moon instead. A hearty wheat beer is not for everyone, but for those who desire that bold flavor, you will recognize the aromas of coriander and clove that a wheat beer should have when you open Allagash White. And get this – this beer is so good, there is no need to doctor it. So, what does that mean? Leave your orange slice for a Blue Moon day… If you ever go back!

3. Red Trolley Ale (instead of Coors Third Shift)

Red Trolley Ale

I was never a Third Shift drinker, but Red Trolley Ale is one of my go-to’s as just a solid, delicious craft beer. From Karl Strauss Brewing in San Diego, California, Red Trolley Ale is an Irish red ale. With its toasty malt and caramel flavors, this beer is rich and smooth at the same time. Rather than taking the aggressive hoppy approach like most breweries do with their red and amber ales, Karl Strauss took a malt-forward approach with this beer… And, let me tell you, it works.

4. 329 Lager (instead of Pabst Blue Ribbon)

329 Lager

A good ole PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) is nothing short of iconic… But, the 329 Lager is a well-deserved trade off. This American-Style lager by Golden Road Brewing is named after the 329 sunny days that Los Angeles (the beer’s hometown) averages each year. With a crisp flavor, balanced nicely between sweet and bitter, this 4.8 percent ABV beer will leave you ready for a day in the sand.

5. Mama’s Little Yella Pils (instead of Miller Lite)

Mama’s Little Yella Pils

Coming in at fourth on the list of top-selling American beers, it might appear that Miller Lite simply cannot be replaced… But this pilsner proves that statement wrong. The Czech-Style pilsner by Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont, Colorado offers beer lovers a slightly sweeter beer with a less bitter taste from the hops.

6. Full Sail Session Lager (instead of Coors Light)

Full Sail Session Lager

While the “silver bullet” might do a great job at convincing people that “cold” is a flavor adjective, it isn’t convincing us that it is the best beer in town… If Coors Light is your Sunday afternoon football beer, think again. Next time, try Full Sail Session Lager by Full Sail Brewing in Hood River, Oregon for a beer with a malty sweetness and a hint of bitterness. Plus, it only has 28 more calories than Coors Light.

Abita Light (instead of Bud Light)

Abita Light
Bud Light has long been a favorite of calorie-counting Americans… But watch out boys, Abita Light is coming to town. This American-Style lager by Abita Brewing Company in Covington, Louisiana offers more flavor than mass-produced light beers – with a crisp and refreshing hop flavor that is noticeable yet subtle.

Do you have a favorite craft beer that you drink as an alternative to traditional beer that you just can’t pass up? Share it with us in the comments!

Special thanks to Annabelle Short for contributing this guest blog post! Here's a little bit about our guest writer:

I'm Annabelle Short, a seamstress of more than 5 years. I love making crafts with my two children, Leo (age 9) and Michelle (age 11). I split my time between London and Los Angeles and write for Wunderlabel. You can visit me on Facebook to learn more about me and my handmade creations.