Whether your go-to beer is a cold Bud Light or a fizzy Corona with a lime, there is something to be said about the classics… Of course, everyone loves a good, original beer at some point or another. But if you still haven’t joined the craft beer fan club, you are truly missing out. Craft beer can be an intimidating world to break into – with all the fancy, unknown styles & names, and the world of micro brewing. But the flavor that is packed into these little slices of heaven is almost unmatched. Don’t let the occasional beer snob turn you off – once you have a craft beer, you will fall right into the trap of the craft beer fan club. That being said, it is a big world of craft beer flavors out there and grabbing the wrong one might change the way you look at your experience. So, with that in mind, here are 7 alternative craft beer flavors that every original beer lover will jump on board with!
We recently had the opportunity to pick a Canadian craft beer expert/hopportunist’s brain. Tiffany Hayes AKA the instafamous @travellingpint is a huge fan of craft beer, an Ontario native and beer blogger who had some awesome things to say about craft beer up north.
If you didn’t know, craft beer in Melbourne is definitely on trend. At HopPlotter we love learning about the beer scenes in different places around the world and for this interview we wanted to showcase Melbourne, Australia. That led us to native Melbourne beer expert Matt AKA insta famous @offthetap. Matt helped us discover the ins and outs of the booming craft beer scene down under. Find out more in our interview!
Outside of Michigan, people seem to know shockingly little about the USA’s 26th state, let alone its craft beer scene. With a significant percentage of HopPlotter’s users coming from Michigan, we decided we needed to know more about this booming beer destination, so we went straight to the source and interviewed native Michigander (a new term for us) Kyle VanDeventer from Griffin Claw Brewing Company in Birmingham, Michigan. Kyle is the sales director for the brewery and has 10 years of experience in the industry. Read through our interview with Griffin Claw Brewing Company and discover the secrets behind Michigan’s craft beer craze and what you can expect when you plan your next brewery tour of the Great Lakes Region!
Spain is determined not be left behind in the world’s current craft beer revolution, and the capital city’s central location makes it a prime spot to sample brews from all over the country. Although impeccable wines still rule the alcohol world here and Spaniards hold their big beer businesses near and dear to their hearts (think Mahou, Estrella, Cruzcampo etc), in the blink of an eye Madrid has quickly become one of Europe’s latest destinations for craft beer. Although you won’t see IPAs on tap at your corner bar, once you know where to find them, there are plenty of beer bars to satisfy your craft kick -- and that’s where we at HopPlotter have come to help!
What springs to mind when daydreaming about Italy’s culinary trademarks? Pizza? Pasta? Wine? There is no doubt that Italians have long perfected these three, but you may be unaware of Italy’s recent booming craft beer revolution. In the kitchen, Italians use only the finest and freshest ingredients and hold almost sacred the process, methods and traditions involved in their cuisine creations. This same mastery and artfulness is also witnessed in their brewing, and is the reason Italy is quickly becoming a world-class craft beer destination. The heart of the craft beer movement lies in the country’s capital, so plan your next trip to Rome for at least three days (so you have time to sight-see between beers) and refer to the following list for the best beer lover destinations in the city!